Used Fire Trucks For Sale

When seeking used fire trucks for sale one will find an array of different selections to choose from; some of the most common fire apparatuses include pumpers, aerial trucks, tankers, and there is a large array of rescue equipment.

Photo: Fire Truck

A fire truck is sometimes identified as a pump-ladder, pumper, water ladder, fire engine, firer tender, a fire appliance or a fire apparatus.  Some fire trucks have hoses while others have a deck gun, fire monitor or water pumping canon.  Alternatively, some trucks can be hooked up to fire hydrants while other fire engines might have an onboard source of water for use when fighting fires.  Some of the modern fire apparatuses have features that allow for creating compressed air foam (CAFS) for putting out fires with too.

Aerial fire trucks include an assortment of different types of firefighting equipment.  For instance, a TL or turntable ladder is a truck hosting a telescopic, pneumatic or hydraulic long ladder used to get to areas that are otherwise inaccessible during fire fighting procedures.  Alternatively, there are trucks with buckets at the end of a mechanical arm identified as tower ladders.  Along with the latter types of used fire trucks for sale, sometimes one will find hook and ladder trucks, also known as tractor drawn aerial or tiller ladder fire trucks for sale.  These types of trucks are most commonly available in cities where streets are narrow.

Along with the well known, large, red fire trucks there are smaller trucks that are used for dealing with various fire fighting situations.  Off road trucks like Wildland fire trucks are used for dealing with fires that are located in areas with rough or difficult terrain.  Along with used fire trucks for sale it will be quite common to find alternative types of fire apparatuses for sale including ambulances, crisis responder vehicles, and foam or water carrying fire apparatuses that are used to transport fire suppressing chemicals or water to a destination.

There are many companies that sell used fire trucks and some companies will refurbish the trucks before they are sold. Used fire trucks for sale are purchased for a variety of reasons.  First, if another fire truck is needed by a fire department the department can save money by investing in a used model instead of a brand new fire truck.  Second, used fire trucks for sale are often bought by departments so that they can later be used as muster vehicles at special events, educational events, and parades.  Finally, some people are looking to get used fire trucks that are antique so that they can be added to a collection or put on display at a museum.

Today there are many fire truck manufacturers so there are many different makes and models to choose from when seeking used fire trucks for sale.  Some popular manufacturers of fire trucks including Wolverine Fire Apparatus, Towers Fire Apparatus, the Sutphen Corporation, Spartan Motors, Smeal Fire Apparatus, Seagrave Fire Apparatus, and Rosenbauer International.  Companies like Midwest Fire Trucks, KME Fire Apparatus, HMA Fire, Crimson Fire Apparatus, Bluegrass Fire Apparatus, and American La France also manufacture modern fire trucks for sale.

Red Fire Truck Sales International Inc.

Red Fire Truck Sales International Inc. is located in Deer Park, New York.  The company was established in 2002 and the company has used fire trucks for sale.  The company’s inventory includes pumpers, aerials, heavy rescue equipment, ambulances, utility vehicles, fire responders, tankers, and antique fire trucks.  To view the inventory of used fire trucks for sale visit

Fire Trucks Plus

Fire Trucks Plus is a California based company that has used fire trucks for sale.  The company sells certified pre-owned aerial towers, platforms, telesqurts, and aerials as well as pumpers dated from 1989 onward.  In addition to rescue pumpers and commercial pumpers the company sells non walk in, walk in, hazmat, and specialized rescue vehicles, tankers, brush trucks, wildland interface vehicles, mini-pumps, command vehicles, ambulances, ARFF units, ASAP units, and fire truck equipment.  To view Fire Trucks Plus’ product listings visit

Company Two Fire

Company Two Fire has used fire trucks for sale. The company is located in Varnville, South Carolina and sells used pumpers, tankers, rescue vehicles, aerials, ARFF vehicles, and miscellaneous fire truck apparatuses.  Company Two Fire has the biggest inventory of used fire trucks for sale in the industry today; the company buys old fire trucks or they can sell a fire truck for a fire department through their brokerage services. Company Two Fire refurbishes and repairs old fire trucks and they perform inspections on vehicles.  For more information visit